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A Tailored Event knows your wedding flowers are one of the most important details of your special day, not only they will appear in all your photos but they might also be a significant part of your wedding budget. Our team here at A Tailored Event, Inc can design and create your dream bouquet from classic to extravagant. A Tailored Event, Inc.offers full professional florist services including but not limited to bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, boutonnieres, floral  arrangements and decor, all available in fresh flowers and silk, in a variety of types and colors. Please note the pricing varies for certain  flowers due to availability throughout the season. Please contact us for more details or for a free quote.
727-244-1526 atailoredevent@ymail.com

 Per your request, we can design and create the jewelry and sea shells adorned bouquets with silk flowers and also the 2017 trending succulent bouquets and boutonnieres. Custom Order.



   Succulent boutonnieres
      Succulent Bouquets                                                







































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